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Will Walker Campaign With Trump? Depends When You Ask

Governor Scott Walker has now spent years trying to have it every possible way when it comes to President Donald Trump, so you think he’d be better at it by now. But just days after the New York Times reported that Walker “has told associates he is unlikely to campaign with the president,” he walked back his comments and said that he “would welcome the chance for the president to come to the state.”

Video of Walker awkwardly answering this question yesterday is HERE.

“Scott Walker may want to run from President Trump now, but he can’t hide from his record of proudly backing the Trump policy agenda that hurt Wisconsin families,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “Scott Walker was the number one cheerleader for Donald Trump’s health care plan that would have jacked up premiums on Wisconsin families. He can’t hide from that record now. Scott Walker can keep attempting to walk this Trump tightrope, but he’s sure to keep falling on his face.”

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