Dem state treasurer candidate Sarah Godlewski is going up on TV in the Madison market starting Thursday with a spot that proclaims she’ll be a “watchdog for your money.”

Godlewski says in the ad when it “comes to finance, we gotta double check everything, even the small stuff.” The spot shows her giving a dollar bill to two girls running a lemonade stand for 25 cents a glass. When they only give her 50 cents in change, she motions for them to give her the rest.

She adds that’s what she does for her small business and her work for the Defense Department saved taxpayers “tens of millions of dollars.”

“In Wisconsin, we saved this office to double check the Legislature and make sure companies like Foxconn hold up their end of the bargain,” she says before closing the spot. “As state treasurer, I’ll be the watchdog for your money, and you can take that to the bank.”

Godlewski is in a three-way primary Aug. 14 with former Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass and Cynthia Kaump, who worked in the office under GOP Treasurer Kurt Schuller.

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