Contact: Courtney Beyer,

BREAKING: Brad Schimel Implemented New DOJ Secrecy Requirements One Month After Josh Kaul Announced Run

MADISON — The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel broke news this morning that just a month after Brad Schimel’s Democratic opponent Josh Kaul got into the AG race, Schimel scrambled to implement a new policy at the Department of Justice requiring employees to sign non-disclosure agreements that would silence them even if they left Wisconsin.

Whether he’s trying to hide records of his travels to a hate group’s conference or implementing policies to keep his failures secret, Brad Schimel has created a culture of secrecy at his Department of Justice. Wisconsin needs a new attorney general who is committed to transparency and fighting corruption,” said DPW spokesperson Courtney Beyer.

This isn’t the first time Brad Schimel has been caught attempting to keep Wisconsin taxpayers in the dark:

  • Brad Schimel tried to hide from taxpayers the fact that he used state money to fly his staff to a conference hosted by a known hate group.

  • He then refused to disclose what remarks he delivered on this taxpayer-funded jaunt.

  • Despite legal action, he refused to release training videos he made during his time as a local prosecutor that could have contained inappropriate content.

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