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#6. Vukmir Sold Out Wisconsin On Mental Health Care And Substance Abuse Coverage

Vukmir has repeatedly sided with insurance companies over Wisconsinites, blocking and voting against expanded coverage for mental health care and substance abuse treatments

MADISON — With six days until Election Day, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is continuing to count down examples from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir‘s 16-year record of selling out Wisconsinites to benefit her powerful insurance company and special interest backers. 

#6. Vukmir Sold Out Wisconsin On Mental Health Care And Substance Abuse Coverage

As a member of Wisconsin’s state legislature, Leah Vukmir has repeatedly opposed and blocked legislation that would have required insurance companies to expand coverage for Wisconsinites’ mental health and substance abuse treatments — siding with insurance and business advocacy groups over Wisconsinites in need of health care coverage.

In early October, Wisconsin mental health advocates held a conference call to condemn Vukmir’s record of opposing mental health care coverage, decrying it as “shameful,” wrong, and “putting powerful corporate interests over everyday Wisconsinites.” Listen to the full call here.

Counting Down Ten Ways Vukmir Has Sold Out Wisconsin:

#10. Vukmir Backs Earned Benefit Cuts To Offset Tax Breaks For The Top 1%

#9. Vukmir Sold Out Wisconsin Seniors On Nursing Home Abuse

#8. Vukmir Sided With Special Interests Over Asbestos Victims — Including Veterans And Working People

#7. Vukmir Sold Out Wisconsin Seniors On Alzheimer’s Funding And SeniorCare 

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