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(MADISON) – For most, the thought of being unable to secure a job and succeed in employment is completely foreign. But for some parents with significant challenges, finding steady employment can be a daunting task. Through the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families’ (DCF) various employment services programs, Wisconsin parents are receiving services and support that empower them to transition into self-sufficiency through work.

With today’s thriving economy and all-time low unemployment rate in Wisconsin, DCF’s Wisconsin Works (W-2) and other employment programs are bringing innovative workforce development solutions to rural, urban and suburban areas across the state.

“Connecting individuals to employment has a wealth of benefits,” said DCF Secretary Eloise Anderson. “With stable employment comes increased social and emotional well-being, and the opportunity to make a more positive contribution to one’s community.”

To assist parents find meaningful work and stay employed, DCF continues to develop new tools aimed at helping participants secure employment that allows them to utilize their unique skills and interests. Through a new assessment tool, W-2 caseworkers are better able to evaluate a participant’s strengths and prepare a career plan, not just an employment plan.

“Passion is contagious and helps motivate individuals,” said Secretary Anderson. “When participants get connected with something they are passionate about, we see better outcomes and more sustained employment.”

By making participants a key player in their employment plan, DCF has continued to see a decrease in caseloads and a reduction in the number of people cycling into and out of jobs. To learn more about how DCF is working to move parents from dependence to independence, visit or follow @WisDCF on Twitter.

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