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GREEN BAY – Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel and Wisconsin Department of Corrections Secretary Cathy Jess today celebrated the accomplishments of fourteen offenders who have completed the Department of Correction’s opioid addiction treatment program after receiving medication-assisted treatment for the last 12 months, including a monthly injection of naltrexone and intensive AODA treatment.

“There is a second chance for those struggling with addiction, and this graduation is a massive step on the continued path of recovery,” said Attorney General Schimel. “Those completing this program will be challenged by the disease of addiction, but with love and support from their family and community, a healthy and prosperous life is possible. The treatment offered through this program and drug courts across Wisconsin can transform lives and loosen the opioid epidemic’s hold on Wisconsin.”

In total, 58 offenders have completed the program, which provides tools for them to continue living drug-free. While they have finished this program, many offenders will receive additional AODA treatment through the Department or their medical provider as they continue to battle their addiction. They also continue to work closely with their agents to maintain their sobriety and move in a positive direction.

The program was first established as part of Governor Walker’s 2015 – 17 biennial budget and funding has continued in the 2017 – 19 biennial budget. Other states, including Colorado, Missouri, and Florida, have similar programs.

“The opioid crisis in Wisconsin has devastated families and torn apart local communities,” said Department Secretary Cathy Jess. “This program is built on a nationally-recognized treatment model that has proven effective in enabling individuals to overcome opioid addiction. This program saves lives and enables individuals to break free of addiction and live crime-free. Our goal is for these offenders to live crime-free and drug-free lives, moving beyond the shadow of their addiction.”

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