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MADISON – The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is celebrating Correctional Employees Week from May 6 – 12, as proclaimed by Governor Walker. The Department will be holding events at correctional facilities, probation and parole offices, and other worksites across the state to recognize the vital contributions of Department of Corrections employees.

The Department employs approximately 10,000 employees who work at 36 correctional facilities, 168 probation and parole offices, and numerous offices and buildings throughout the state of Wisconsin. Many employees work on a 24/7 basis to protect the public.

Staff work in a wide variety of careers, including teachers, medical professionals, psychologists and treatment providers, security employees, probation and parole agents, IT employees, food services workers and many other occupations. All of these employees have different roles with one attribute in common – they are integral to the success of the Department of Corrections.

DOC Secretary Jon Litscher said: “I firmly believe our employees are our greatest resource. We know that a career in corrections is challenging and we are incredible thankful for the sacrifices of all of our employees and their families on a daily basis. I am incredibly proud to work for the Department of Corrections and extend my profound appreciation to all of our employees. ”

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