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Investigations uncover odometer fraud and other violations

After thorough investigations, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recently imposed licensing sanctions against several auto dealers for odometer fraud and other violations.

Odometer fraud is the resetting, disconnecting or altering a vehicle’s odometer to conceal the true mileage. This costs consumers millions of dollars each year. DMV’s Dealer and Agent Section has ninefield investigation territories for handling consumer complaints.

“Odometer and title fraud, along with unlicensed sales activity, are a continuous threat facing Wisconsin consumers,” said Dealer and Agent Section Chief Michael Domke. “DMV’s Dealer and Agent Section is committed to combating these activities but it can take several months to investigate and impose sanctions. Consumers are encouraged to be proactive and educate themselves with help from DMV’s “Car buying and selling” resources support.

Last year, the Dealer and Agent Section recovered more than $1 million to Wisconsin consumers and closed more than 900 complaints.

The following businesses received Wisconsin sanctions:

  • L and A International Motors3500 South 92nd St, Milwaukee, had their motor vehicle wholesaler dealer license revoked for selling vehicles directly to the public without licensure, falsifying vehicle title documents, and odometer tampering.
  • Mex Car Sales, 5439 22nd Ave., Kenosha, had their motor vehicle dealer license revoked for engaging in odometer fraud.
  • Infinity Texas Auto Sales, based in Texas, had all motor vehicles buyer’s licenses revoked for engaging in odometer and title fraud.
  • Fast Motor Auto Sales, had all motor vehicle buyer’s licenses and Salvage Buyer Identification (BID) Cards revoked for engaging in odometer fraud by purchasing vehicles at Wisconsin auctions with high mileage and subsequently selling those vehicles with the odometer altered to show lower mileage.

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