The DGA is hitting back at Gov. Scott Walker over a GOP attack ad that accuses Dem guv candidate Tony Evers of failing to keep students safe after a Middleton teacher kept his license despite viewing porn at school.

The DGA ad, though the group A Stronger Wisconsin, opens with the narrator saying, “You know Scott Walker by now. He’ll say anything to get what he wants, including lies like this.” The spot then shows a screenshot of the state GOP ad that began last week.

The narrator says the “facts” are when two judges found it was illegal to fire the teacher for inappropriate conduct, Evers “worked with Republicans and Democrats and changed the law while Walker was busy cutting schools and health care and letting our roads fall apart.”

The narrator concludes the spot, “That’s really the point because if you want to know why they’re attacking Evers’ record, just look at Scott Walker’s.” The ad finishes with a shot of Walker and the words, “Tell Scott Walker to end the political games and get to work.”

The spot, which begins airing statewide tomorrow, is part of a $1.8 million buy the DGA announced last week.

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