Contact: Alex Japko

DPW: Kleefisch says Walker Administration “can’t guarantee” what will be in state level protections for pre-existing conditions
Kleefisch: “I can’t guarantee what the Senate will pass and the Assembly will pass…”

Today, Rebecca Kleefisch went on ‘UpFront’ with Mike Gousha and completely exposed Scott Walker’s empty promises on health care. Walker has approved a lawsuit that threatens to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, yet he claims they can pass state level protections. But when Mike Gousha pressed Kleefisch to get specifics, she admitted she “can’t guarantee” what would be in the final bill.

Furthermore, when Gousha asked her if the bill would cover prescription drugs, she couldn’t answer him. (We checked: if Walker’s lawsuit succeeds, prescription drug coverage — and all other essential health benefits protected by the ACA — would evaporate.)

Watch it HERE.

There’s a reason Kleefisch is being cagey. Health care experts have already said that the state level bill would “fall well short” of current protections. And regardless of what’s in the bill, Republican senate leader Sen. Scott Fitzgerald admitted that his caucus might not even have the votes to pass the bill.

“Rebecca Kleefisch just confirmed what we already know: Scott Walker is not telling the truth about covering pre-existing conditions,” said DPW Spokesperson Alex Japko. “If the Walker administration doesn’t even know what’s in their plan, how can they promise Wisconsin voters they can get it passed?” 


GOUSHA: Okay. The Senate hasn’t passed it yet.


GOUSHA: So it’s not law yet.


GOUSHA: Correct. The Assembly bill, would insurance companies have to cover prescription drugs, for instance?

KLEEFISCH: I would have to look at the bill language that is going to be passed. The Governor will call an extraordinary session. He already said that. And I can’t guarantee what the Senate will pass and the Assembly will pass when he calls the extra session is going to be identical…

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