U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy in his latest TV ad says Wisconsin businesses are “making a comeback.”

The Wausau Republican opens the 30-second spot standing in a relatively empty factory, as Duffy tells the camera “it wasn’t long ago factories across Wisconsin looked like this.”

“But we’re making a comeback,” he says the camera zooms in on his face. As the shot pulls back and Duffy introduces himself, workers can be seen in the factory that’s now filled with equipment.

Duffy says in Congress he’s worked to lower taxes, cut regulations and overhaul trade deals.

“Now, places like this are back in business,” he says. “For hard working Americans not only make a product and a paycheck, but make Wisconsin strong. Let’s keep it going.”

The spot ends with Duffy saying he approves “this message because the American dream is made in America.”

A campaign spokesman said the ad is planned to be the last one of the election and will run through Election Day on social media platforms and the Wausau media market on broadcast TV. The buy, he said, is “near six figures.”

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