U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy likens his family and its political differences to those of the nation in his first TV ad, saying he’s “not fighting my family, I’m fighting for yours.”

The 30-second TV ad opens with the Wausau Republican standing beside his wife, Rachel, as Duffy introduces her and their eight kids, who then appear in the frame.

The next shot shows Duffy with his 10 siblings, before jumping to a shot of his parents hugging as he says: “Same parents, different politics.”

Duffy notes some members of his family supported President Trump, Dem Hillary Clinton, former President Obama and Independent Bernie Sanders.

“My brother Tim,” Duffy continues, “He’d rather cast a line than a vote.”

The camera then shows Duffy holding his youngest daughter, Margarita, as he says: “At least Margarita agrees with me.” It then jumps to a shot of Duffy standing beside his youngest son, Patrick, who’s lying on the ground as Duffy says: “Patrick, not so much.”

“America’s one big family too,” he said. “We won’t always agree, but if we treat each other with respect, we’ll be OK.”

The ad closes with Duffy saying he’s “not fighting my family, I’m fighting for yours.”

A Duffy campaign spokesman said the ad amounts to a six-figure buy and is running in the Wausau media market through the end of September.

Duffy faces Dem 8th CD candidate Margaret Engebretson in November.

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