U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy is out with a new TV ad that says the GOP congressman “went to work so you can go to work.”

The spot opens with a shot of the 7th CD Republicans from behind as he walks in the woods with an ax. It then shows a series of people at various times, following from behind as they walk.

The narrator says when “Wisconsin goes to work, no one can catch us” and jobs are coming back from overseas after putting “American workers first.” That means bigger paychecks and more people working in Wisconsin than ever before.

“By reforming taxes and trade, Sean Duffy helped turn around our economy,” the narrator says.

Duffy then closes the spot saying, “And we’re not turning back.” He adds the required disclaimer that he approves the spot before adding, “Let’s get to work.”

Duffy’s campaign said it’s spending nearly six figures on the buy, which will run on Wausau broadcast TV through the first week in October.

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