MADISON – As Wisconsinites wait on the US Supreme Court to announce their decision on whether Scott Walker and Republican legislators illegally drew Wisconsin’s legislative districts, Tony Evers, State Superintendent and Democratic candidate for Governor, is rolling out his Fair Democracy Agenda – a package of bills aimed at reinvigorating elections and transforming government in Wisconsin.

“It’s time for Wisconsin to turn a new page. We must close the chapter of voter suppression in Wisconsin. We must close the chapter of excluding Wisconsinites and silencing their voices in our Democratic processes,” Evers said. “As Governor, I’ll always do what’s right, regardless of the political winds. We have to return to doing what’s best for Wisconsin and that’s what my Fair Democracy Agenda will do.”

Evers is pledging to support and advance the following legislation in his first term:

· Non-partisan redistricting reform

· Automatic voter registration

· 12-year term limits for all statewide elected officials, excluding federal delegation

· Tying first-year legislators’ salaries to the average salary of a first-year teacher

“I’m tired of hearing the same divide and conquer rhetoric from Scott Walker and the Republicans, and everywhere I go, I hear that Wisconsinites are tired of it too. The elected officials of this state should be responsible for and responsive to the people of this state – not themselves or the special interests.” Evers concluded.

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