August 27, 2018

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New Evers ad slams Walker for failed health care policies, rising health care costs

MADISON – Tony Evers’ gubernatorial campaign announced its first television ad since receiving the Democratic nomination earlier this month. The ad, entitled “Who,” slams Governor Scott Walker’s eight years of failed health care policies and prioritizing his political ambitions over addressing rising health care costs in Wisconsin.

“Scott Walker has had eight years of opportunities to cut health care costs, but instead he’s consistently put wealthy campaign donors and his political ambitions before Wisconsin families,” said Evers campaign manager, Maggie Gau. “We deserve a governor who won’t play politics with health care, and that’s why it’s time for a change in Wisconsin and time to elect Tony Evers as governor.”

The ad criticizes Walker for rejecting federal health care funding, causing Wisconsin families to spend nearly 50% more than families in neighboring Minnesota for the same health care coverage.

Evers’ ad can be viewed here. “Who” will begin running on Tuesday in a six-figure broadcast buy in media markets across Wisconsin, including a statewide digital component. A full transcript of the ad is below.

“Who” Transcript:

Whose side is Scott Walker on?

When Walker was running for President he played politics and rejected millions in federal healthcare money that would’ve lowered costs for our families.

Minnesota’s governor took the funds. They made changes. Wisconsin families now pay nearly 50% more than Minnesotans for the same health care.

It’s not right.

Scott Walker does what’s best for himself. It’s time for a change and a governor who will do what’s best for us.

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