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Evers will cut taxes for Wisconsinites making $100,000 or less & Families Making Up to $150,000
Evers’ middle-class tax cut plan in direct contrast to Walker’s handouts to wealthy, corporations

MADISON — Today, Democratic nominee for governor, Tony Evers, announced his proposal to create a fairer tax code for Wisconsin’s hardworking families by reverting $340 million from millionaires and wealthy corporations to middle class tax relief. Under Evers’ plan, everyone with annual incomes up to $100,000 would receive a 10% tax cut. Evers would also provide the tax cut to families making up to $150,000. Altogether, this cut would reach approximately 86% of tax filers.

“For eight years Scott Walker has rewarded the wealthy and the special interests. That’s not fair. It’s time the middle class gets a break,” said Evers. “As governor, I’ll cut income taxes for those making $100,000 or less and families making up to $150,000 by 10 percent. That’s real relief for 86% of tax filers.”

Evers’ proposal would devote $340 million in state income tax revenue to middle class tax relief. Under income tax policy implemented in the past eight years in Wisconsin, just last year, 11 filers in Wisconsin making more than $30 million a year were projected to be eligible for $22 million in tax breaks. Nearly 80% of Scott Walker’s giveaway goes to filers making more than $1 million a year, while the average tax cut for filers making under $300,000 a year is just $5. At the same time, more than 870,000 Wisconsin families struggled to afford basic necessities like childcare, housing, and food.

“Too many Wisconsin families have been working multiple jobs while facing stagnant wages, soaring healthcare costs, and no solution to student loan debt. They deserve better. Middle class Wisconsin families deserve a tax code that puts them first,” Evers concluded.

Everyone in Wisconsin making up to $100,000 and families making up to $150,000 pay nearly $3.4 billion in income taxes. Evers’ plan slashes this amount by 10%, providing tax relief to middle class families without adding to the deficit by cutting wasteful spending, ending duplicative programs, and phasing out Walker’s millionaire and corporate welfare giveaway.

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