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MADISON – After three consecutive polls showing State Superintendent Tony Evers with a
commanding lead over the Democratic primary field, today the Evers campaign is releasing
new poll results that show Tony Evers with a four-point lead over Governor Scott Walker.
This is the first poll released that shows a head-to-head comparison between the two
statewide elected officials.

Evers leads Walker 49-45 in the poll and for the 6 percent of voters undecided, 56 percent
of those voters have an unfavorable view of Walker and 55 percent believe Wisconsin’s
public schools are underfunded.

“Earlier this year, primary voters overwhelming stated they believed Tony Evers was the
best candidate to beat Scott Walker. Even with $1.5 million in ads by Scott Walker, we now
know Tony Evers absolutely can beat him,” Evers Campaign Manager Maggie Gau said. “Given these results, it’s no surprise that Walker has been attacking Tony’s record on public education. Walker is desperate and scared.”

Other notable points from the poll include Evers enjoying a +22 net favorability rating,
compared to a -2 net rating for Scott Walker. Further, Wisconsinites overwhelmingly (69
percent) believe that Evers should not be forced to use Republican Attorney General Brad
Schimel as his lawyer in a recent lawsuit before the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tony’s
power over our public schools. Walker has denied Evers request for his own legal counsel
and has maintained that Evers should use Schimel, despite Schimel indicating he sides with
the right-wing think tank suing Evers.

“Under Scott Walker our public schools have been decimated, some of our poorest
communities have zero access to quality early childhood programs and there’s been a six
year war being waged at Lincoln Hills between staff and the kids being rehabilitated there.
Tony has always believed that what’s best for our kids is what’s best for our state. During
these chaotic times in Washington DC and Madison, we need a steady hand at the wheel – a leader who will do what’s right regardless of the political winds. Clearly, Wisconsinites
agree,” Gau concluded.

See the polling memo:

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