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Former Walker Cabinet Secretary Says Walker Abused his Position at the Expense of the Taxpayer

Madison, WI — Today, as Tony Evers released his “Government for Us” agenda to ensure state government is accountable and a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars, the campaign released a new behind-the-scenes video featuring footage from their digital ad with former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall. In this video, Wall talks about how Governor Scott Walker abused his position to take the state plane on numerous short trips, all at public expense. Walker took more than 860 flight since September of 2015, at cost of more than $800,000 to Wisconsin taxpayers.

“The comparison between him in his old junky old car that won a lot of people’s hearts in his early campaign commercials is really, really different than what he is today and what he turned into,” said Wall. “The trappings of the office and the easily manipulated state resources became his go-to method of travel.”

Walker’s flights included a pick-up from Milwaukee after a haircut at a cost of $2,586, or flying from Appleton to Green Bay – a trip of 24 miles. In fact, between September 2015 and April 2018, Walker traveled using the state plane an average of once every three days.

Wall joins other former members of Walkers administration like former Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb and former Financial Institutions Secretary Peter Bildsten in critiquing Walker’s record. Gottlieb had previously accused Walker of not telling the truth on transportation spending and Bildsten called out Walker over putting his personal political interests over Wisconsin.

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