MADISON – Marquette University released their latest poll today previewing the 2018 election, and once again State Superintendent Tony Evers leads the Democratic primary with a commanding double-digit lead. This is the fourth consecutive poll showing Evers leading the field – including polls released by Marquette University (2), Paul Soglin’s campaign and the Evers campaign.

“From the first poll released in January to the most recent poll released today, Tony Evers continues to hold a strong lead over the Democratic primary field. Candidates have entered and exited the race, Scott Walker has repeatedly publicly attacked Tony and yet, Tony continues to lead this field. He is the best and only candidate who can beat Scott Walker,” Evers’ Campaign Manager Maggie Gau said.

Evers led the March Marquette Poll and has since seen a 7 percent increase to 25 percent. He saw the largest bump of any candidate and doubled his lead over the primary field. His closest competitor is 18 points behind, according to this most recent poll.

“I am going to beat Scott Walker in November. Wisconsin has had enough of Walker’s harmful policies and his phony baloney campaign ads,” said Evers. “Educating our kids and developing a skilled workforce is the key to creating jobs
 and strengthening the middle class. I’m ready to bring the right kind of change to Wisconsin. “

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