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Evers campaign: Evers wins first debate
Evers focused on his positive vision for Wisconsin while typical politician Scott Walker launched desperate and misleading attacks

Madison, WI — Tonight, Democratic nominee for governor Tony Evers emerged as the clear winner of the first gubernatorial debate. Evers’ spent the debate focused on his plans to fully fund our public schools, protect those with pre-existing conditions, repair our roads and bridges, and cut taxes for middle class families.

Meanwhile, Walker spent nearly the entire debate attempting to launch desperate false attacks in order to paper over his record of putting himself before Wisconsin families.

“Tony went toe-to-toe with Scott Walker tonight and proved Tony is the only candidate who will fight for Wisconsin’s families,” said campaign manager, Maggie Gau. “What we heard from Scott Walker was more of the same: empty, election-year promises from a typical, career politician who will say anything to get re-elected. Tony was focused on a positive vision for our state, including fully funding our public schools, protecting Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions, repairing our roads and bridges, and cutting taxes for middle class families. Wisconsinites are ready for change, and tonight Tony showed he is ready to deliver it.”

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