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Tony for Wisconsin launches new digital ad “3,000” featuring former DOC Secretary Ed Wall
Wall: “Scott Walker is playing politics with our safety and putting our families at risk.”

MADISON–Today, the Tony for Wisconsin campaign released a new digital ad titled “3,000” featuring Scott Walker’s former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall. In the ad, Wall criticizes Walker for the nearly 3,000 sex offenders that are currently unaccounted for in Wisconsin. Right now, the Department of Corrections only has 18 staffers overseeing the more than 25,000 sex offenders in the state.

Wall criticizes Walker for putting politics ahead of the safety of millions of Wisconsin families.

This is just the latest in a series of pointed criticisms aimed at Walker from his former cabinet members. Just yesterday, former Transportation Sec. Mark Gottlieb criticized Walker’s fear-mongering as “completely irresponsible or it shows a lack of understanding of the budget in general” after earlier criticizing the Governor for being “increasingly inaccurate” when talking about the state’s roads. Former Finance Sec. Peter Bildsten has also spoken out on how he was pressured to meet with special interests during his time as a state official.

Former Republican state Senator, Dale Schultz told the Associated Press he has “never seen a situation like this where there seems to be a building insurrection for a governor running for re-election.”

Watch the ad here:

Ed Wall: Scott Walker is playing politics with our safety and putting our families at risk.

Under Scott Walker, the Department of Corrections has only 18 people tracking 25,000 sex offenders. Now, there are nearly 3,000 sex offenders that are unaccounted for.

I was Scott Walker’s cabinet secretary for the Department of Corrections and I can tell you Walker talks a big game, but he is weak and reckless when it comes to protecting our families.

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