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After eight years of Scott Walker, Wisconsinites deserve new leadership that will put our interests ahead of political ambitions.

Madison, WI — Today, Tony Evers’ campaign released a new ad featuring Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor Mandela Barnes talking about Evers’ ability to get results and his focus on the next generation instead of the next election. In the ad, Barnes highlights Evers’ support for access to quality and affordable health care, clean water for our communities, and great public schools for every kid regardless of zip code.

“For the past eight years, Wisconsinites have watched Scott Walker put himself ahead of what’s best for our state,” said Evers campaign manager Maggie Gau. “Together, Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes will put our working families first, instead of personal ambition and special interests. Wisconsinites are ready for a change and the new leadership that Tony and Mandela will bring.”

Evers’ ad can be viewed here, and a full transcript is below.

“Character” Transcript:

We don’t need to imagine the challenges of our state. We live them every day.

Whether it’s access to quality, affordable health care,

Or clean water,

Or wanting the best schools for our kids,

Tony Evers is a leader who will get results.

I’ve seen Tony’s character and passion to do what’s right.

Eight years is enough of Scott Walker.

We need a governor who’s concerned about the next generation,

Not the next election.

I’m Mandela Barnes.

It’s time for a change.

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