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Tony would invest in rural communities and support struggling family farms

Madison, WI — Today, Tony Evers’ campaign released a new digital ad focusing on how Scott Walker has done nothing to help Wisconsin farmers in the face of farm closures across the state. Instead of standing by while farmers struggle, Tony Evers has pledged to rebuild infrastructure, invest in rural schools, lower health care costs, and cut taxes for middle class families as part of his plan to revitalize farming communities.

“Typical politician Scott Walker is happy to talk about farmers when he’s on the campaign trail, but his record of farm closures and lack of support for rural communities speaks for itself,” said Evers campaign manager Maggie Gau. “Tony Evers’ plan will reinvest in Wisconsin’s rural communities and make sure that farmers have an advocate in the governor’s office to support them all year round, not just during election time.”

Under Scott Walker, more than 500 Wisconsin dairy farms have closed in the past year while rural roads and schools continue to be severely underfunded. Evers’ plan will provide support to farming communities that are struggling and make sure that they get the attention they deserve in state government so that Wisconsin can maintain its farming tradition.

Evers’ ad can be viewed here, and a full transcript is below.

“A Wisconsin Tradition ” Transcript:

I love this farm.

It’s been in my family for well over 100 years.

And soon I’ll pass it down to my kids.

And hopefully, they’ll be able to pass it down to their kids.

Farming is a Wisconsin tradition.

I remember thinking when I was young, I want to be a farmer when I grow up.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worrying about my grandkids being able to do the same.

Over 500 dairy farms closed in Wisconsin last year.

Scott Walker has done nothing about it.

I think he’s too worried about his next election.

Not the problems we’re facing.

So I’m voting for Tony Evers for governor.

He’s got a good plan to help family farmers.

He’s going to lower health care costs, maintain our roads, give the middle class a tax break, and invest in rural schools that are struggling.

But most of all, if my grandson or granddaughter wants to be a farmer when they grow up, they should have that opportunity.

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