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“Fix” outlines Walker’s failed record on transportation, “Excess Baggage” calls attention to Walker’s misuse of the state plane.

Madison, WI — Today, Tony Evers’ campaign released two new digital ads calling out Scott Walker’s abuse of the state airplane and his failure to fix our roads. Under Walker, Wisconsin has seen its roads crumble to 44th in the nation, while Walker has spent nearly $1 million in taxpayer dollars flying himself across the state. That includes trips to political events, picking him up from errands, and even a 24-mile flight from Appleton to Green Bay, a trip that Tony and Mandela Barnes live-streamed by car at the beginning of October.

Walker’s own former allies have criticized him for his lack of investment in infrastructure and his wasteful spending on the state plane. Former Walker Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb has accused Walker of being dishonest on transit spending, while his former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall has spoken out about Walker’s rampant overuse of the state plane at taxpayer expense.

“Fix” and “Excess Baggage” will run statewide on digital formats.

Fix” can be viewed here, and a full transcript is below.

“Fix” Transcript:

Potholes. Gravel. Traffic.

Scott Walker’s playing politics with our roads and we’re all left with the consequences.

Our state is now 44th out of 50 states in road quality.

And here in western Wisconsin, we were forced to raise taxes because Walker wouldn’t fund the road repairs we need.

Eight years of Scott Walker is enough.

I’m voting for Tony Evers.

Tony wouldn’t play politics with the roads.

He’ll fix them.

Let me tell you something, it’s time for a change.

Excess Baggage” can be viewed here, and a full transcript is below.

“Excess Baggage” Transcript:

Politician Scott Walker loves the state plane.

After cutting $800 million from schools, Walker took to the sky.

He spent nearly a million taxpayer dollars flying over 900 times.

Walker flew to political events.

He flew 24 miles from Appleton to Green Bay.

He even had the plane pick him up in Milwaukee after a haircut.

Scott Walker.

He’s what the airlines call “excess baggage.”

It’s time for a change.

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