MADISON – Madison Mayor Paul Soglin’s gubernatorial campaign released a poll today showing that State Superintendent Tony Evers has a commanding lead over the rest of the Democratic primary field. Under Soglin’s poll, Evers is 13 points ahead of the next candidate and has a 20+ percent lead over the vast majority of the Democratic field. This is the third straight poll released that shows Evers with a significant lead.

Evers Campaign Manager, Maggie Gau, released the following statement:

“After winning statewide three times and most recently winning with 70 percent of the vote just one year ago, it’s no surprise that our own opponent’s polling shows Tony Evers is overwhelmingly leading this race. It’s clear that voters are sick of the chaos in Madison and Washington and are looking for a strong leader, the calm in the political storm, who will lead Wisconsin forward. Tony Evers has consistently stood up to Scott Walker, so much so, that Walker is trying to prevent Tony from picking his own attorney when sued by right-wing special interest groups trying to take away his power over our schools. Tony Evers is the best candidate to beat Scott Walker.”

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