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The following statement is from Tony Evers’ campaign manager Maggie Gau in response to Scott Walker’s lie that Tony Evers would “quadruple” the gas tax:

“Tony Evers has been very clear: he will do what it takes to fix the roads that Scott Walker has allowed to crumble. But he has never said he would quadruple the gas tax.

“The fact remains that because of Scott Walker, Wisconsin has the second worst roads in the nation and the average driver is forced to spend $640 a year to fix their cars due to the road conditions. Walker even had the audacity to redirect $90 million from other road projects across the state in favor of his pet project Foxconn, the nation’s biggest giveaway to a foreign corporation. Walker’s own transportation secretary resigned and said Walker was ignoring facts ‘in favor of political spin’ when it came to roads funding.

“The phony attacks and political posturing are exactly why voters are ready to vote out Scott Walker. They want a governor who will fix the roads and fund the schools, which Walker has refused to do. Tony Evers will fix the problems that Scott Walker created.”

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