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January 24, 2018 Maggie Gau, 715-581-0406

“Scott Walker can’t hide from his record. His State of the State speech was nothing more than a transparent election-year attempt to rewrite history.

“We cannot forget the years of cuts to public education that have forced a million Wisconsinites to raise their own taxes to pay for their schools. We cannot forget the 6 years Walker knew about Lincoln Hills, refused to even visit the facility and did absolutely nothing about it. Dozens of kids and staff were assaulted and abused because of his failure to lead. We cannot forget the fact that Walker refused to expand Medicaid, has cut preventive health care for thousands of Wisconsin women, and strongly supported eliminating the Affordable Care Act, which would kick thousands of Wisconsinites off their insurance, eliminate crucial protections for those with pre-existing conditions and increase health care costs for Wisconsin families. After 9 years of attacks on the Affordable Care Act, Republicans cannot be trusted to provide real protections to those with pre-existing conditions.

“Walker also has clearly not gotten the message about Foxconn. He is still trying to convince us that this $4 billion-dollar giveaway to a foreign corporation is a good deal. But everywhere I go in Wisconsin, I continue to be asked by our fellow Wisconsinites, “What about us?” This boondoggle will take billions of dollars away from our schools and roads to hire out-of-state workers, creating an enormous hole in our state budget. Yet once again, Walker is trying to rewrite history. Every week, we learn something new about this deal, and Wisconsin voters will not forget.

“Walker cannot paper over the damage he’s done to Wisconsin and the stark divisions he’s created in one speech. Enough is enough. I will bring our state together and take Wisconsin in a new direction.”

Flynn Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn responded with the following to Scott Walker’s State of the State Address today:

“In election years, Scott Walker makes promises he never keeps. Election Year Walker pretends he has Wisconsin’s best interests at heart. We cannot trust Election Year Walker. Look at his record:

“Election Year Walker got taken to the cleaners in the Foxconn deal. We are paying $4.5 billion so a Chinese company can build a factory by the Illinois border. There are no guaranteed jobs and no protections for our wetlands.

“This is typical for a governor who transfers the wealth of taxpayers to his donors. He created a slush fund for them called the WEDC. He robs us of our tax dollars and of our heritage as a clean government state.

“Election Year Walker brags about the unemployment rate. He forgets that the policies of the Obama Administration created these jobs, and he forgets that Wisconsin still lags behind the rest of the country in wage growth. Adjusting for inflation, median wages today are lower than they were before he was elected.

“He denied 800,000 Wisconsinites health coverage when he turned down federal funds for BadgerCare. He did it because of his presidential ambitions. That was morally reprehensible. Now, Election Year Walker says he wants to fix the system he helped break.

“Here is what I will do differently. I will raise wages again by reversing Act 10 and Right to Work, restoring prevailing wage, and raising the minimum wage.

“I will accept funds for BadgerCare and create a ‘BadgerCare for All’ option. Health care is a human right.

“I will invest in Wisconsin’s future by fully funding education. We will provide up to two years tuition for Wisconsin students at state universities, colleges, or technical schools.

“We have had enough. As governor, my priority will be to rid Wisconsin of his corruption and malicious incompetence.”

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