MADISON – Tony Evers, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and Democratic candidate for Governor released the following statement on UW-Stevens Point’s plans to cut 13 liberal arts majors from their programming while shifting resources to other programs.

UWSP is currently facing a $4.5 million deficit and in 2015 when Governor Scott Walker cut $250 million from UW System, UWSP had one of the largest cuts of any UW campus at $6.5 million.

“Since this announcement nearly two weeks ago, I’ve been talking with students, educators and community members impacted by this proposal.  People are angry, frustrated and feel like the rug has been ripped out from under their feet.

“Employers across Wisconsin stress the need for liberal arts majors and appreciate the creativity, innovation and strong critical thinking skills they possess.  Rebuilding a strong workforce depends on these programs and our students pursuing that line of education. We need them to feel valued and we need them here in Wisconsin.

“We must start making decisions with feedback from the students, faculty and staff, before the decision is made, not after.  Up to ten percent of students currently enrolled at UWSP will be impacted by this restructuring decision and now feel as though they’ve been abandoned. We have to work together and begin to reinvest in our UW System, it’s the only way we can get Wisconsin back on the right track.”

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