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Walker refuses to answer Tony’s challenge & drop Wisconsin from federal lawsuit eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions

Madison, WI — Today, Tony Evers issued the following statement in response to Scott Walker calling the debate over pre-existing condition protections a distraction:

Washington Post: “They want you to be distracted by that [preexisting conditions] debate,” Walker said during his event in Milwaukee.

Statement from Tony: “As a cancer survivor, I know that protections for the 2.4 million Wisconsinites with a pre-existing condition aren’t a distraction–they are life-saving. The people of Wisconsin are rightfully worried that because Scott Walker put our state on the federal lawsuit to eliminate these protections, people will be denied coverage. Walker has yet to reply to my request, backed by concerned Wisconsinites across the state, to drop this dangerous lawsuit. We should expect nothing less from a typical politician like Scott Walker.”

Earlier this year, Walker signed off on a lawsuit that would eliminate the ACA and its provisions on pre-existing conditions. Evers has repeatedly challenged Walker and his administration to live up to his rhetoric and drop Wisconsin from this dangerous lawsuit immediately.

A reminder of more of Walker’s anti-health care record:

  • Walker is well known as “one of the most militantly anti-Obamacare governors,” calling the ACA, which protects people with pre-existing conditions, a “disaster” that should be repealed “lock, stock, and barrel.” During his presidential campaign, he promised to repeal the ACA on day one.
  • He considered letting insurers hike premiums for people with pre-existing conditions if federal law changed.
  • Experts have described the state bill Walker points to as a back-stop if his anti-pre-existing condition lawsuit is successful as falling far short of the protections in place today.
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