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Madison, WI — Today, Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers spoke to the Wisconsin Counties Association at their Annual Convention in La Crosse. Evers focused on ways to help local governments in Wisconsin, fix our crumbling transportation network and close the Dark Store loophole.

“You will have a partner with me and Mandela Barnes. We’re going to establish a new working relationship with local governments, the WCA, and all of you,” said Evers.

Evers stressed the importance of Wisconsin values and the need for state and local government to look out for all Wisconsinites: “We cannot do that without your help. We cannot do that by starving the counties. We cannot do that by having local taxes go up, and up and up because the state isn’t doing its job.”

“The first thing I’ll do as governor is bring together people … including the WCA, and developing a sound, comprehensive policy around transportation and infrastructure in the state of Wisconsin,” said Evers.

“We’re going to do this, we’re going to make it bipartisan, and we’re going to make it fair, and especially fair for the counties and municipalities of the state.”

And Evers pledged to show real leadership and close the Dark Store loophole that hurts small businesses.

“Another issue that bedevils us as a state and is causing local taxes to be increased on hardworking men, women, and families is the issue of Dark Stores. We will close that loophole. We will close it as soon as humanly possible,” said Evers. “There is no reason why that law exists and we have to change it. It’s an issue of fairness.”

Evers closed his remarks by thanking all those present for allowing him to speak, and asked for their support in November to put a trusted partner for local communities in the governor’s office.

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