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Watch: Tony for Wisconsin Launches New Ad: ‘Cabinet’

Madison, WI – Today, Tony for Wisconsin launched a new campaign ad, ‘Cabinet,‘ highlighting the searing criticism of Scott Walker’s failed leadership made by those who saw it up close–four former members of his cabinet.  In just the past couple of months, former Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation CEO Paul Jadin, former Financial Institutions Secretary Peter Bildsten, former Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Wall, and former Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb have all spoken out about Walker’s mismanagement, his attempts to mislead Wisconsin voters, and his commitment to putting himself and his political ambition ahead of what’s best for Wisconsin families.

“Cabinet” will run on cable in markets across the state. It can be viewed here, and a full transcript is below.

“Cabinet” Transcript:

What’s it like working for politician Scott Walker?

 Just ask those who’ve done it. 

 They say, Walker changed. 

 Walker “Lacked Integrity.”

He focused on his own political career at great taxpayer expense.

He isn’t telling the truth.

That’s coming from the men Scott Walker trusted to lead Wisconsin’s most important agencies.

“Power and ambition changed Scott Walker.”

 Now it’s our turn to make another change. To a governor who cares about us.

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