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Pence & Walker both supported ACA-repeal bill that would have threatened pre-existing condition protections, instituted an age tax, and kicked millions off their health coverage.

Madison, WI — After launching two false attack ads earlier this week, today Scott Walker is welcoming Vice President Mike Pence to Wisconsin.  Both Walker and Pence have long records of working to undermine access to quality health care, and the Trump/Pence administration backs the multi-state lawsuit to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and its protections for pre-existing conditions–the very lawsuit Walker put Wisconsin on.

In response, more than three weeks after his first request, Democratic nominee for governor Tony Evers is once again challenging Scott Walker to drop Wisconsin from the lawsuit and back up his promise to protect the 2.4 million Wisconsinites with a pre-existing condition. Watch the video here.

“Scott Walker, it’s been more than three weeks since I challenged you to drop your health care lawsuit that would hurt millions of Wisconsinites. Instead, you’ve offered your typical election year promises with no action,” Evers says in the video. “When I’m governor, I’ll direct the state to drop this lawsuit my very first day in office. Because everybody should have access to affordable, quality health care.”

In addition to their mutual support for the federal lawsuit to eliminate pre-existing condition protections, both Pence and Walker enthusiastically supported a Trumpcare bill, also known as “Graham-Cassidy” that would have:

  • Gutted protections for pre-existing conditions

  • Instituted an age tax–allowing insurance companies to charge significantly more for people over 50

  • Kicked millions of people off their health insurance

  • Weakened protections for essential health benefits like maternity and mental health care

Walker famously called this bill “awesome.”

A reminder of more of Walker’s anti-health care record:

  • Walker is well known as “one of the most militantly anti-Obamacare governors,” calling the ACA, which protects people with pre-existing conditions, a “disaster” that should be repealed “lock, stock, and barrel.” During his presidential campaign, he promised to repeal the ACA on day one.

  • He considered letting insurers hike premiums for people with pre-existing conditions if federal law changed.

  • Experts have described the state bill Walker points to as a back-stop if his anti-pre-existing condition lawsuit is successful as falling far short of the protections in place today

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