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Superior WI- On Thursday, June 28th at 11am Senator Bob Jauch endorsed Brian Ewert’s run for Congress in front of Essentia St Mary’s Hospital in Superior. His full statement is below.

“I am proud to offer my endorsement of Dr. Brian Ewert to represent the 7th Congressional District currently held by Sean Duffy.

Dr. Ewert offers voters in November a clear choice between his record as a distinguished physician who has provided compassionate health care for 25 years versus a politician who seems to relish creating chaos on our health care delivery system.

While Dr. Ewert’s life has been about caring for people Sean Duffy has spent his time cynically trying to destroy the Affordable Health Care Act.

Through my years of representing northern Wisconsin the plight of the uninsured and lack of health care resources was the most pressing issue. Fortunately, during that time for the most part, public officials worked together to expand health care access to improve the lives of our citizens. Today thousands of northern Wisconsin residents are insured and receive health care only to wonder whether Congressional action supported by Sean Duffy or by President Trump will be will be successful to limit access to affordable insurance for those with pre-existing illness.

Who can really argue that Congress hasn’t turned a deaf ear to our nation’s most challenging issues and that it is time to elect problem solvers who are willing to commit and improve the lives of people.

Throughout his career Dr. Ewert has not only addressed the medical needs of his patients but along with his wife Kathleen Rulka have dedicated themselves to support communities in which his patients live.

I was proud to work with Dr. Ewert and Congressman Dave Obey in successful efforts to expand dental care to thousands of children and families through northern Wisconsin. His candidacy offers a thoughtful and caring approach to solving complicated problems that seems to be non-existent in the current dysfunctional Congress. Dr. Ewert’s life is about helping people, not hurting them. He pays attention to the facts not ignore them.
Congress needs leaders who apply their knowledge to the facts in addressing the complicated issues confronting America. Dr. Ewert’s leadership has been recognized by his colleagues and is prepared to apply his knowledge and skills in a Congress that sorely needs compassionate and thoughtful consideration of the complicated issues that confront America.”

State Senator Bob Jauch represented the 25th Senate District for 28 years following four years in the State Assembly. Jauch was selected by his colleagues as Senate Democratic Leader and respected for his advocacy for northern Wisconsin, health care reform, workers, public education and environmental protection. Known for his passionate defense for justice and equality he was referred to as the conscience of the Senate.

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