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Marshfield WI- Dr. Brian Ewert has released a statement on Congressman Duffy’s lack of reaction to President Trump’s comments with Russian President Putin.
“Over the past few days, I have waited to see if Congressman Duffy would join the bravest of his colleagues and condemn the comments made by President Trump in regards to NATO and Russia. Congressman Duffy has remained silent.
An attack on NATO is an attack on the devotion of the greatest generation, who drove back the forces of totalitarianism in Europe, securing a better future for the world. We owe it to that generation and their legacy to support the coalition they formed to keep the forces of evil at bay.
Putin is a dictator by any definition of the word. He is a leader who sees the rise of democracy as a threat to his power. The beacon of hope, the shining city on the hill, that is America is a threat to his need to control as much of the world as possible. It is clear that for him the Cold War never ended, and he is more than happy to prolong it.
If a congressman is unable to stand up against a dictator, unable to defend the unprecedented accomplishments of the greatest generation, then he is unworthy of the high honor of representing the 7th District. The people of the 7th deserve a congressman that will speak out against threats to our freedom. They deserve a congressman brave enough to speak out against a president of his own party. They deserve someone who will lead, instead of follow.”
Thank you,
David Hile
Campaign Manager
Ewert for Congress


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