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Marshfield WI- Brian Ewert’s statement on the separation of families at our nation’s border.

“The images of young children being forcibly separated from their parents pulls at our hearts.

In order to keep our country strong, we must write and enforce sensible immigration policy that benefits our country. However, as we see the pictures of small children crying alone in cells and watch the videos of children being ripped from their parent’s arms, we recognize that the values we hold dear are being violated. We are punishing the vulnerable at the expense of our common morality.

This policy can only cause lasting mental anguish to children who do not have any power over their situation as their families seek asylum in our country. To lock these little ones away from their parental source of comfort can only be described as “cruel and unusual.”

Laws must be enforced, but those laws must be just and compassionate to those who cannot defend themselves. To enforce these laws without compassion is a violation of our core values and not worthy of the United States.”

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