Republican Brad Schimel is taking the weekend to decide if he wants to request a recount in the AG race after a final vote count shows Dem Josh Kaul leading by 17,190 votes, according to the final canvass by Wisconsin counties.

Those results, posted at the state Elections Commission site, put Schimel within the margin he needs to be able to request a recount. But he’d have to cover the cost.

A Schimel campaign spokesman said staff will gather over the weekend to review the results and put out a statement Monday announcing whether they’ll seek a recount.

Under state law, any candidate seeking a recount must finish no more than 1 percentage point behind the leading one in an election with more than 4,000 votes cast. But any candidate seeking a recount must pay the fee to perform one if the winning margin is more than .25 percent of the total votes cast in the race.

Kaul’s margin is 0.65 percent.

The law, which legislators changed this session, previously allowed any candidate to petition for a recount regardless of how much they trailed the winner.

The deadline to file a recount request is Wednesday.

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