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MILWAUKEE – First Lady Tonette Walker today discussed the importance of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) for children at the Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee (SWIM) coalition meeting held at Penfield Montessori Academy in Milwaukee. Following the remarks, Mrs. Walker also toured the academy which is known for using a compassionate and tailored educational approach for children.“Trauma has an undeniable impact on children, and if it’s not addressed, these children could struggle their entire lives,” said Mrs. Walker. “By working together with coalitions like SWIM, we can find new ways to align Trauma-Informed Care activities to help improve outcomes for all children and especially for those with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Everyone has a role to play with Trauma-Informed Care and SWIM exemplifies how this culture change process can bring together diverse organizations, communities, and groups – all dedicated to improving health outcomes in Milwaukee.”

46 million children in the United States have been affected by trauma in the form of violence, crime, and maltreatment. Research shows a correlation between the number of ACEs a child experiences and negative outcomes later on in life including juvenile offending, higher rates of depression, and chronic health problems.

Mrs. Walker attended and spoke at SWIM’s event as a result of her leadership with Fostering Futures which has resulted in several state agencies, county human service systems, and tribal nations adopting Trauma-Informed Care. SWIM is an initiative led by Marquette University to bring together experts, organizations, and individuals working towards the same goal—to address neurological trauma because of the tremendous role trauma can have on an individual’s well-being and their future.

Mrs. Walker has been working to spread information and knowledge about Trauma-Informed Care since 2011.

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