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(Milwaukee) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today remembered the prank call that Scott Walker fell for seven years ago.

“Who does our governor truly serve? Scott Walker answered that question seven years ago today,” said Flynn. “We all saw how Walker jumped at the opportunity to talk to wealthy GOP donor David Koch.”

Seven years later, not much has changed,” continued Flynn. “He still kowtows to the donor cartel, enacting the policies they want rather than the policies Wisconsin needs. He gives them our tax dollars through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Corruption in Wisconsin is at an historic high.”

On February 22, 2011 – while Wisconsin was in the middle of the Act 10 debate – blogger Ian Murphy tried calling Governor Walker. When he identified himself as billionaire GOP donor David Koch, he was immediately connected to Walker, and proceeded to carry on a 20 minute conversation with him. Walker told him intimate details of his legislative strategy. Democratic lawmakers complained that the governor had been unwilling to talk to them in the previous weeks but jumped at the opportunity to take a call with one of the Koch brothers.

“Scott Walker has embarrassed and corrupted Wisconsin for long enough,” said Flynn. “We need a change in 2018

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