Contact: Bryan Kennedy – (414) 517-3864

(Milwaukee) – Green Party gubernatorial candidate Nick De Leon has suspended his campaign and endorsed Matt Flynn for governor.

“I got into this campaign because I had the strong belief we need a new voice in Madison,” said De Leon. “The more I learned about Matt Flynn’s positions on issues – such as litigation against Foxconn and support for LGBT rights – the more of a supporter I have become. Regardless of our party affiliations, we believe in the common goal to ‘Repeal and Replace’ Scott Walker, a phrase I used throughout my campaign.”

Rev. Dr. Nick De Leon is the founder and head pastor of De Leon LGBT Christian Ministries in Green Bay, where he was born and raised.

“I want to thank Dr. De Leon for his endorsement,” said Flynn. “This campaign has always been simple, it is time for new leadership in Wisconsin. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Green, or Libertarian, the past eight years have been a disaster for our state. It is time we come together and say enough is enough.”

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