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In a series of videos released today, Flynn’s women supporters call him “honorable” and “professional” for his work for the Milwaukee Archdiocese

(Milwaukee) – Today Democratic candidate for Governor of Wisconsin Matt Flynn released a series of testimonials from three women supporters: Dr. Liz Piasecki, Bonnie Joseph, and Karen Gotzler.

“[Matt] was always pretty much the consummate professional lawyer, who absorbed a lot of pain from hearing victims’ stories, who lived with a lot of anger towards some of these perpetrators,” said Piasecki, a psychologist at the Archdiocese who worked with victims of abusive priests in Milwaukee.

Bonnie Joseph said, “He’s a just and honorable guy. Don’t believe the Republican lies. Matt Flynn never represented an abuser, he got rid of them. When Matt was working for the Archdiocese, he put new procedures in place to identify and remove those that were hurting and abusing children.” Joseph is a business leader in downtown Milwaukee, Emeritus Board Member of Planned Parenthood, and a well-known philanthropist and supporter of progressive candidates and causes.

“He did everything he could to rid my church of these criminals,” said Gotzler, an economic development professional and former Executive Director of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center.

“Having the support of these women, for whom I have so much respect, has been a complete honor. 20 years ago, I worked to put policies in place to ensure that abusive priests were removed from ministry and reported to the authorities in order to prevent crimes like these from taking place in the future. Since these policies were enacted, I do not know of any recurrence in the Milwaukee Archdiocese,” said Flynn.

The three videos can be found here, on Matt Flynn’s YouTube channel.

Last week, Flynn issued a statement about his work with the Archdiocese and addressed several concerns that were raised by outside groups.

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