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(Milwaukee) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn today posed the following question regarding Scott Walker’s failed leadership on the Foxconn deal.

“The Attorney General of Illinois plans to sue the Environmental Protection Agency over exempting Foxconn from important environmental regulations. I want to know why Illinois leaders are taking more interest in the environment of Wisconsin than Scott Walker. Why does Wisconsin’s own governor not care about the harmful impacts of this deal on his state?

“The environmental impact of Foxconn’s proposed plan would be catastrophic for Wisconsin. Foxconn, a Chinese company that has failed to comply with China’s lax regulations, is being give special treatment by the Trump and Walker administrations.

“I continue to believe that this deal must be stopped. I will use litigation to block the Foxconn deal. As I have said, foreign corporations can come to Wisconsin, but they must follow the same laws that all other businesses here follow.”

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