Contact: Bryan Kennedy – (414) 517-3864

(Milwaukee) – Gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn will announce his plan to increase jobs and wages in Wisconsin at TJM Innovations in Milwaukee on Monday.

“Scott Walker promised a minimum of 250,000 good-paying jobs eight years ago. Instead, his record has been a disaster,” said Flynn. “Adjusted for inflation, median wages are lower today than they were before he was elected. Virtually all net jobs added during his two terms pay poverty-level wages. Wisconsin has had the largest middle class decline in the country under his watch. It is time for a new strategy.”

What: Matt Flynn Announces His Economic Plan to Increase Jobs and Wages
When: Monday, February 5th, 12:30 PM
Where: TJM Innovations, LLC
5519 W. Woolworth Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53218

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