Dem guv candidate Matt Flynn is playing up his commitment to end the state’s deal with Foxconn in the first TV ad of the primary.

The 30 second ad opens with Flynn standing beside the other seven Dem gubernatorial candidates, who all gradually disappear into the background as the Navy veteran highlights his standing as the only vet in the race — “and the only one taking a stand to stop the Foxconn deal.”

“Scott Walker’s corrupt 4.5 billion dollar corporate welfare giveaway to a Chinese company, all while Trump and Walker put Harley Davidson jobs at risk,” Flynn says.  

He also pledges to go to court on his first day as guv and stop the Foxconn deal, adding he’ll use the money that would have gone toward the Chinese tech company for schools, roads and health care.

“Democrat Matt Flynn, beating Walker, stopping Foxconn,” a narrator says to conclude the ad. “Let’s win with Flynn.”

The ad is airing on broadcast and cable starting Friday, campaign manager Bryan Kennedy said. It’s running in four markets, including Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. The buy, he said, is more than $250,000.  

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