From: Past Rock County GOP Chairs – Tim Lindau, Beth Schmidt and Jim Olson

As conservatives, it was bittersweet when we learned of Paul Ryan’s retirement. Paul has made the First Congressional District proud as he has led the way in enacting Conservative policies in Washington which ultimately boosted our local economy.

As we look to the future, we call on Bryan Steil to run for Congress. We need an outsider’s voice to champion Conservative values in Congress. Bryan is no career politician. Bryan is a political outsider who will bring his years of business experience in manufacturing and technology to Washington. Having worked closely with Bryan to elect Republicans to office throughout our state, we want others to know of Bryan’s strong reputation as a hard worker and a tried-and-true Conservative with real world experience in creating jobs.

The future of the First Congressional District is bright. We are leading the way in manufacturing, technology, and agricultural innovation. We need a Conservative, outsider voice to advocate for our region and our values. As a result, we are imploring Bryan Steil to step up and run for Congress.

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