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Milwaukee, WI – Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn) today announced that it has selected M+W Gilbane, CH2M, and The Sigma Group to serve as the lead contractors and designers for its state-of-the-art display manufacturing campus in Racine County. The three companies all have strong ties to Wisconsin and will begin to work within the next 60 days to hire construction workers to support phase one of the project, which will create 13,000 jobs in Wisconsin and thousands more jobs through construction and the extensive supply chain supporting this project.

“Together, these three companies form a great team, and they will serve as instrumental local partners as Foxconn starts the construction of our advanced display manufacturing campus and science and technology park,” said Louis Woo, Special Assistant to the Founder and CEO of Foxconn. “Each company has a track record of excellence and a commitment to quality that will help us take advantage of the talented and hard-working workforce in Wisconsin.”

M+W Gilbane will provide services as the Professional Construction Manager. M+W Gilbane is a joint venture between Gilbane Building Company, Milwaukee’s largest builder and a company delivering full-service operations throughout Wisconsin, and M+W Group, a company with specific expertise in advanced technology facilities. They will provide a range of pre-construction services, from budget and bid development to construction management programs and the start of earth-moving activities. M+W Gilbane will begin issuing bid requests in the next several weeks.

CH2M Companies, Ltd. (CH2M) became a wholly owned direct subsidiary of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (Jacobs) in December 2017. They will provide comprehensive engineering and architecture services including planning and environmental permitting for the project. Jacobs is the global leader in design and construction services including innovative solutions for integrated electronics projects in the flat panel display and microelectronic sectors.

The Sigma Group will provide the project with a range of environmental consulting and engineering services relating to permitting, planning and site design. Sigma is recognized as an innovator in sustainable design and business practices, with expertise in infrastructure and site improvements, environmental restoration, and facility development.

Foxconn’s advanced display manufacturing campus will produce state-of-the-art displays which will be used in a wide range of devices and solutions, from the latest generation televisions to self-driving cars, and aircraft systems, among others. The LCD panels produced in Wisconsin will revolutionize technology used in a wide range of areas, including innovative education, personalized entertainment, healthcare and medical solutions, advanced manufacturing systems, interactive retail, safety, and many more.

The Wisconsin campus will also serve as a science and technology park to promote research and development in advanced technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things, and robotics and automation. This will lay the foundation for the AI 8K+5G ecosystem that Foxconn is creating in the United States, and provide a platform for the development of next-generation hardware and solutions as part of that ecosystem.

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