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Robert Miranda @ 414-469-4182

MILWAUKEE – After the Freshwater For Life Action Coalition filed a letter of intent to sue the City of Milwaukee for not releasing information via open records request from the Office of the Mayor, the group received three years of Accountability in Management reports from the Mayor’s office last week.

FLAC is releasing a summary of its findings to the public on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 2:00pm, 3712 West Pierce St., Milwaukee, WI

“The Accountability in Management reports FLAC received from the Mayor’s office paints a disturbing picture regarding the lack of urgency and indifference the Mayor’s office has had in addressing community concerns regarding lead in water issues”, said Robert Miranda, spokesperson for the group. “The seriousness in which the community views the hazards lead service laterals present to the health of Milwaukee residents is not reflected in these reports. At best they represent half measures and caviler attitudes.”

FLAC will be releasing copies of the AIM documents and making them available to the media while making statements based on our review of these reports.

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