“Speaker Paul Ryan has served as the guiding voice of conservative policy reform during his nearly twenty years in congress, his legacy sets a new standard for future public servants.  Speaker Ryan’s leadership is without equal, his policy intellect puts him at the forefront of any serious conversation and his passion for creating a better nation delivers an optimism that is easy to embrace. 

While his departure from congress leaves an uncertain void, his dedication to his family delivers a greater certainty that I am sure will be appreciated by his wife Janna and his young children. 

I am honored to have long considered Paul Ryan a friend, wish him the very best as he looks ahead and look forward enjoying the next chapter of his successful life.  I will forever remain optimistic that Paul Ryan’s retirement from congress constitutes a break and not an exodus, as he has more than proven there’s always a place for someone with his intellect and passion for policy in the public arena.”

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