U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher touts his efforts to implement term limits and address “the Washington swamp” in the first TV ad of his re-election bid.

The 30-second ad opens with the Green Bay Republican and former Marine saying after his two Iraq tours, “I thought nothing could surprise me.”

“But the Washington swamp is even deeper than I thought,” he says. “That’s why I’m leading the charge for term limits.”

The ad then shows footage of Gallagher in a Fox News interview talking about his legislation to cap members of the House to six terms and those of the Senate to two terms.

The camera jumps back to Gallagher as he calls for compelling members of Congress “to treat their time there like a deployment, to put the country before their careers, get the job done, then come home.”

“Courage, common sense, Wisconsin’s Mike Gallagher,” the narrator says to close the ad.

A Gallagher campaign spokesman said the ad is currently airing.

Gallagher faces Dem Beau Liegeois in the November general election.

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