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Washington, DC – Giffords, the gun safety organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly, announced its endorsement of Rebecca Dallet for Supreme Court in Wisconsin in an election that will be held onApril 3, 2018. Dallet is a former prosecutor and current Milwaukee County Circle judge running against an opponent Michael Screnock, who won the backing of the National Rifle Association.

“The people of Wisconsin have seen enough gun violence. They want public servants committed to upholding the law and keeping them safe. Judge Dallet has shown the courage to do that,” said former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, co-founder of Giffords. “Judge Dallet will be committed to ensuring justice and safety for all Wisconsin communities, and she won’t be afraid to hold the powerful accountable. I am proud to support Judge Dallet for State Supreme Court Justice.”

“Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and Captain Mark Kelly are American heroes who have served our country with distinction and honor, and I’m humbled to have their endorsement,” said Judge Rebecca Dallet. “Together, we will restore balance and common sense to our justice system, and fight back against the special interests who are taking our state in the wrong direction.”

“The gun lobby’s grip on the elected officials it supports with campaign contributions means powerful interests are given preference over the safety of regular people,” said Peter Ambler, Giffords Executive Director. “It’s critical that judges can weigh in on laws without bias. We are standing up to the gun lobby’s attempts to rig the system and are proud to stand with a candidate like Judge Dallet who won’t be a roadblock for equal justice.”

Starting today, a radio ad featuring Captain Mark Kelly will air over the final four days of the campaign. You can listen to the adhere.

Since 2014, the gun death rate has been rising, with gun deaths jumping 8% from 2014 to 2015 and another 7% from 2015 to 2016. That resulted in the deaths of 38,000 people in 2016—the deadliest year for gun deaths since 1993. As demonstrated by the March for our Lives rallies across the country that drew hundreds of thousands, Americans increasingly want to see steps taken to address our gun violence epidemic.

This week, a group of 40 students marched 50 miles from Madison, Wisconsin to Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin to draw attention to how politicians from the state have failed to take action to strengthen gun laws. They were joined in Janesville for a rally that attracted hundreds.

Recently, Giffords released a digital ad on Speaker Paul Ryan’s failed leadership on protecting Americans from the gun violence crisis. The ad, which reached voters in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and around the country, highlighted Ryan’s ties to the gun lobby and his refusal to bring a single gun safety bill to the House floor for a vote, or even a debate.

Watch the ad here.

As Speaker, Paul Ryan determines which bills are brought to the floor for a vote, making him uniquely responsible for Congress’ inaction on addressing gun violence. Five of the ten deadliest shootings in US history have occurred during Paul Ryan’s tenure as speaker. During that time, he’s repeatedly blocked consideration in the House of any policies that could help reduce gun violence.

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