— GOP Incumbent Congressman Glenn Grothman released a new TV ad today that hits Democratic opponent Dan Kohl as a D.C. insider who would double income taxes.

The 30-second spot begins with a photo of Kohl’s face on the right side of the screen accompanied by large block text on the left that reads, “Lobbyist DC Dan Kohl extreme liberal insider.”

A female narrator introduces the spot by reading the block text and adding Kohl will “put government in charge of your health care and double your income taxes to pay for it.”

The narrator continues, arguing “we can’t afford to send DC Dan Kohl back to Washington because Glenn Grothman is working for us,” as the ad then abruptly shifts to show footage of Grothman greeting people in a park and alongside a street.

The narrator then touts Grothman’s accomplishments, including his support for funding for trade schools and apprenticeships, fighting the opioid epidemic and lowering the cost of health care.

“Glenn Grothman, getting things done for Wisconsin,” the narrator says to close the spot as footage of Grothman on a factory tour is shown.

See the ad:


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